Yachting Adventures/courses

From Novice to yacht master

Sailing to us is about 'adventure'. The process of learning to sail is an adventure and this adventure does not stop once you know how to sail.

We run the full range of recreational sail cruising adventures within our ANDAMAN YACHTING 'Sail Training Adventure Scheme'. Whether you are a first-timer wishing to experience sailing, to being a useful crew member, to looking to gain a 'Skippers' certification, or an experienced skipper who’d like to expand/refresh your skills we can provide the right yachting adventure for you.

You can enter our 'Sail Training Adventure Scheme' at any level, provided you have the correct pre-adventure experience. Please be realistic when assessing your experience and abilities and if you are in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with us before choosing your adventure.

Our practical adventures are normally run on a stand-alone, live aboard basis, as detailed below, but they can be taken as part of a longer sailing holiday, or combined with a theory course, to give a mix of theory/practical elements. Online courses are also available for/as pre-practical adventure preparation.

  Practical Training Adventures

Most of our practical training adventures are taken as a five day live aboard adventure, depending on the practical training syllabus plus time available. 5 days is the recommended duration for most practical training adventures, however, many people choose to add 'Extra day's' to their adventures, to provide more time for truly comprehensive tuition and practice, whilst also providing some extra time for leisure activities in this fascinating part of the World.  Combined theory and practical adventures are also available.

Adventures can be taken either on a 'Join-In' basis, sharing the boat and all the chores with the other crew, or on a 'Master Class' private charter basis, where you have exclusive use of the boat for greater privacy and more one to one tuition, plus with our Thai Chef/Crew on board to take care of all the galley work and assist with the general crew duties.


 INTRODUCTION TO SAILING - Level 1 and Level 2                     2 day adventure for each level - 4 days total
An introduction to sailing for complete newcomers.

 START YACHTING - 2 day adventure
An introduction to yachting for complete newcomers. This adventure can be done as a two day, stand-alone adventure or as part of a longer sailing holiday. It can also be combined with the two day,  'Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory course', to make an ideal, four day introduction to sailing.


Comprehensive training for beginners wanting to become active crew members.  An adventure that can be done over five or seven days and which also fits well as part of a sailing holiday. The two day, 'Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory course' can also be included if required to make this into an excellent Competent Crew experience.


Ideal for sailors with some yachting experience and navigation knowledge who want to develop their skippering ability. This adventure can be combined with the Day Skipper theory course to form a two week theory and practical adventure.


Advanced skippering techniques for experienced sailors with a good knowledge of navigation and seamanship. This adventure can be combined with the Coastal Skipper theory course to form a comprehensive theory and practical adventure.


A Yacht Master certificate is often the ultimate aim for many skippers. It is recognised Worldwide and is a highly respected qualification. 

 EXPERIENCE BUILDER - booked on a per day basis

Many advanced courses require that candidates have a level of experience which can only be achieved by completing passages as a crew or as a skipper.

We offer bespoke constructive 'Master Class' 'Experience Builder adventures' to advance/refresh your skills, your experience and to build your confidence in all aspects of running a sailing yacht including passage planning and pilotage in different Ports/Anchorages.

Passages of both day and night watches can be achieved either by heading north or south from our waterfront location, depending on the time/duration available plus the weather forecast/conditions.

 ABOVE AND BEYOND - One day additional skills courses

Including - VHF, Diesel Engine, Safety At Sea and Rib Master

Can be added in addition to an Adventure course or stand alone.


Theory Courses

Each of our practical adventures is complemented by a navigation and seamanship theory course, which is designed to equip you with enough theoretical knowledge to take charge of a yacht after some practical training. These courses are usually done in advance preparation for an onboard practical adventure. Each course can be done online or with us at Andaman Yachting, either as a stand alone course, or as part of a combined theory and practical adventure.

Our online courses are delivered by 'Skippers Online', one of the top rated RYA Training Centres specialising in online training. These courses can all be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Please scroll down for course details.

All our courses can be tailored to suit individual requirements, details are available on request. 

Theory Courses


A two day introductory course, covering the principles of navigation and seamanship.  This course can be done as a stand-alone theory course, or as an additional element to a, 'Start Yachting' or a 'Competent Crew' adventure combining theory and practical, both of which can also be included in a longer sailing holiday if required.


A comprehensive course on navigation and seamanship theory for aspiring skippers and competent crew. This theory course can be taken as a stand alone course or as part of a combined theory and practical adventure.


An advanced course for experienced sailors with a good understanding of navigation and safety. This theory course can also be completed as part of a combined theory and practical adventure. 

RYA Online Theory Courses


Comprehensive training for aspiring skippers and competent crew who want to be able to navigate safely in coastal waters and be prepared for the Day Skipper practical course. You will need about 40 - 45 hours to complete the course, plus 3 hours for the two final assessment papers. 


Advanced training for experienced sailors who already have a good knowledge of navigation and seamanship theory. You will need about 40 - 45 hours to complete the course, plus 5 hours and 30 minutes for the three final assessment papers.